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Working Papers & Projects

New Facts and Data about Professors and their Research
with Wei Yang Tham, Jerry Thursby, Marie Thursby, Nina Cohodes, Karim Lakhani, Rachel Mural, and Yilun Xu
Download working paper (updated March 2024)

Reports seven new features of how research-active professors are compensated, how they spend their time, and how they perceive their research pursuits based on a new survey.

Money, Time, and Grant Design
with Wei Yang Tham
Download working paper (updated March 2024)

A survey experiment indicates that the effects of research grant designs -- the amount of money awarded and duration that money is available -- are more important for generating selection effects (changing which scientists apply) rather than generating large treatment effects (changing how scientists conduct their work).

Some Tradeoffs of Competition in Grant Contests
Download working paper (updated March 2024)
It is important to understand the externalities associated with participation in scientific grant contests -- private costs and social costs are not always the same.

Productivity Beliefs and Efficiency in Science
with Fabio Bertolotti and Wei Yang Tham
How much more knowledge could we produce if we more efficiently allocated scientific inputs?

Producing and Steering Researchers
with Eugenie Dugoua, Todd Gerarden, and Jacquelyn Pless
How do government investments in specific technologies affect the supply of innovators in the economy?

Exposure, Market Size, and Innovation
with Sofie Cairo, H.C. Kongsted, and Rem Koning
How much of "demand" for new innovations is actually "supply"?

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